The Advanced Work Packaging and WorkFace Planning Fundamentals program is a detailed course in the theory, practice and methodologies of Advanced Work Packaging and WorkFace Planning. This course provides practitioners, and those involved in program implementation, with the comprehensive knowledge and skills that are required to successfully deploy and execute an Advanced Work Packaging program. The course explores in depth the Advanced Work Packaging and WorkFace Planning best practices, and requires participants to apply those practices through a series of hands-on simulations and scenarios. This hands-on application facilitates skill development that bridges theory and practice and extends beyond the classroom walls, making course participants more effective in their roles.

Course Price

Course price: $2,000.00 per person.

Course Duration

This program is 40 hours in duration, and is facilitated over a 4 day period (classroom courses) with an additional day of online training for those wishing to become WorkFace Planners.


This course is intended for individuals that will be developing or implementing facets of the Advanced Work Packaging and WorkFace Planning program within a project or within an organization. These individuals may include AWP Champions, Productivity Champions, AWP/WFP Managers, WorkFace Planning Leads and WorkFace Planners. This program will also be beneficial for those that will be directly interfacing and supporting Advanced Work Packaging and WorkFace Planning efforts, as well as those that are interested in improving their knowledge and understanding of these industry best practices.

Course Modules

To review the course content in detail, you can review the program syllabus here:


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