Completions and Commissioning can be a challenging project phase if not planned for. Cost overruns and delays can be experienced without the development and deployment of a successful completions strategy. 

The Bentley Construction Academy offers awareness level completions training that assists Owners, EPCs, Engineering firms and contractors in improving team understanding of the completions and commissioning program goals and requirements. This training is developed by completions and commissioning subject matter experts, and is delivered entirely online. Within the Learning Management System, course participants are able to engage with Bentley instructors to ask questions and explore topics in more detail. 

Current Courses

Completions Crisis - Crack the Case

  • This one hour game is designed to provide participants with a high level overview of completions and commissioning best practices in a fun and engaging way. Course participants will learn about the basic stages of a completions and commissioning program, inclusive of mechanical completion, acceptance testing, pre-commissioning and commissioning. Course participants will also learn about the basic deliverables that are involved in a completions and commissioning program.

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