Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) is a construction best practice that facilitates the improvement of project safety, productivity, quality and predictability, as well as facilitating improvements in cost and schedule performance. These project improvements are enabled through the alignment of engineering, procurement, and construction planning, activities and deliverables, as well as through driving construction planning efforts earlier in the project lifecycle than traditionally occurs. Advanced Work Packaging defines the expectations of each applicable stakeholder group throughout the project lifecycle, from concept to construction to commissioning, to facilitate this alignment and achieve improved project performance. WorkFace Planning (WFP) is a facet of the Advanced Work Packaging program that delineates required construction deliverables such as Installation Work Packages, testing, and commissioning and start-up requirements, with a goal of improving construction field performance. 

Current Course List

Advanced Work Packaging Foundations (4 hours)

Advanced Work Packaging Foundations is an introductory course in the history and program requirements of Advanced Work Packaging and WorkFace Planning. This course not only explains why the best practice was established, but also explores the involvement of industry groups and the success that organizations have achieved to date. Further, this program also outlines the basic components of the Advanced Work Packaging model, as well as the key stakeholders that are required to ensure that the program is successful.

Advanced Work Packaging Workshop (20 hours)

The Advanced Work Packaging Workshop is a 2.5 day session that reviews the theory, practice and methodologies of Advanced Work Packaging. While best practices are identified and discussed, there is a specific focus on practical application and the needs of individual projects. Each organization and project is unique, and through discussion and simulations course participants will learn how to move beyond the theory to apply the best practice effectively and facilitate success within their organizations and project teams.

Advanced Work Packaging & WorkFace Planning Fundamentals (40 hours)

The Advanced Work Packaging and WorkFace Planning Fundamentals program is a detailed course in the theory, practice and methodologies of Advanced Work Packaging and WorkFace Planning. This course provides practitioners, and those involved in program implementation, with the comprehensive knowledge and skills that are required to successfully deploy and execute an Advanced Work Packaging program. The course explores in depth the Advanced Work Packaging and WorkFace Planning best practices, and requires participants to apply those practices through a series of hands-on simulations and scenarios. This hands-on application facilitates skill development that bridges theory and practice and extends beyond the classroom walls, making course participants more effective in their roles. 



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