Bentley’s Construction Academy program provides an effective way for organizations and individuals to increase understanding and alignment on the strategic approach to executing and sustaining industry best practices on their projects. The Bentley Construction Academy also provides an effective way to on-board contractors, and the supply chain, to align their efforts through common processes that advance and improve information management and flow within each project. The Academy serves as a change agent, providing a physical or virtual space that allows users to engage, innovate and change the status quo through industry leading programs that comprehensively explain industry best practices, and that may be tailored to a specific Client’s needs and requirements.

The Bentley Construction Academy offers both subscription training and open enrollment training options, thereby providing industry stakeholders with flexible training options. Organizations may subscribe to an Academy program, which enables the development and customization of course content to meet the needs of a specific organization or project. The Academy also offers open enrollment training options that enable organizations and individuals to enroll in relevant training on an as required basis. The Bentley Construction Academy programs are industry recognized and are instructed by Subject Matter Experts in each respective field. 

Current Course List

Advanced Work Packaging Foundations (4 hours)

  • Advanced Work Packaging Foundations is an introductory course in the history and program requirements of Advanced Work Packaging and WorkFace Planning. This course not only explains why the best practice was established, but also explores the involvement of industry groups and the success that organizations have achieved to date. Further, this program also outlines the basic components of the Advanced Work Packaging model, as well as the key stakeholders that are required to ensure that the program is successful.

Advanced Work Packaging Workshop (20 hours)

  • The Advanced Work Packaging Workshop is a 2.5 day session that reviews the theory, practice and methodologies of Advanced Work Packaging. While best practices are identified and discussed, there is a specific focus on practical application and the needs of individual projects. Each organization and project is unique, and through discussion and simulations course participants will learn how to move beyond the theory to apply the best practice effectively and facilitate success within their organizations and project teams.

Advanced Work Packaging & WorkFace Planning Fundamentals (40 hours)

  • The Advanced Work Packaging and WorkFace Planning Fundamentals program is a detailed course in the theory, practice and methodologies of Advanced Work Packaging and WorkFace Planning. This course provides practitioners, and those involved in program implementation, with the comprehensive knowledge and skills that are required to successfully deploy and execute an Advanced Work Packaging program. The course explores in depth the Advanced Work Packaging and WorkFace Planning best practices, and requires participants to apply those practices through a series of hands-on simulations and scenarios. This hands-on application facilitates skill development that bridges theory and practice and extends beyond the classroom walls, making course participants more effective in their roles.